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Thank you Elliott Masie for sharing your Learning Wishes 2022 with us 🚀

1. Curation Soars
2. User Interfaces for Performance & Learning
3. Focus on Readiness vs. Learning Evaluations
4. Stop Using Learning & Development Language
5. Let Virtual Reality Go Beyond Headsets
6. Dashboards and Scorecards for Learners
7. Scaling Coaching
8. Empathy, Please! 
9. Global & Virtual Facilitation Skills

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My learning wishes 2022 are:

1. Reflect and improve your own learning – always

🔸 We only learn when we reflect on our learning (cf. Double Loop Learning Argyris/Schön).

2. Focus on Learning Strategy vs. Technology

🔸 Strategy comes first, followed by the technology decisions.

3. Emphasis on collaborative learning

🔸 Self-directed learning is good, collaborative learning is better.

4. Get familiar with AI based learning 

🔸 Artificial intelligence revolutionizes our idea of learning.

5. Renaissance of face-to-face learning

🔸 When everything goes digital, analog becomes interesting again.

6. Share your learning experience

🔸 Learning must be made visible. Then you can also talk about it (cf. Hattie)..

7. „Learning is the work“ (Fullan, Jarche, Cross)

🔸 Learning and working will merge even more. Just as Jay Cross predicted more than 20 years ago.

8. Base learning processes on curiosity

🔸 Curiosity is at the beginning of successful and sustainable learning processes.

9. Take time to read

🔸 Fast learning and microlearning must be complemented with slow and deep learning. Reading is slow and deep learning.

Greetings from Switzerland

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